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Books And Reports

Healing Power Of Namokar Mahamantra:-The experiments in the efficacy of a mantra (spell and incantation) have been going on not only among Indian religions and castes but among the religions of every country in the world. It is a unique discovery by Indian rishis and sages.
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Horoscope according to moon sign

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 Leo  Virgo  Libra
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Current week Aries Astrology

Why Astrology

All of us are surrounded by a gamut of problems all our life. Family rifts, demanding kids, poor grades in studies, scarcity of funds, business problems, failures, etc. these issues have been causing considerable tension in our lives since time immemorial, driving people to seek solutions that can help them lead a better and a more fulfilled life. Citing the above, we provide reliable Astrological Services where each person and his problem is individually studied and given solutions based on ancient knowledge and our expertise.

Types of Kundali

The placement of planets along with Moon, Rahu & Ketu in "Horoscope" or "Janma Kundli" of a person gives the idea about the past, present and future and thus timely action can be taken before rise of any problem.

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Marital Compatibility

Marriage is the speculation that a person ever plays in his or her life. It is very necessary to find a compatible match and therefore for this seeking conjugal compatibility through horoscope matching is the most common method.
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Shani Sade-Sati Details

The relative position of Moon and the Saturn in an individuals birth chart decide Sade Sati. The transition or Gochar of planetary position is occurs in every human life. Sade-sati occurs when Saturn transit through the

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Pleasing to Moon, calm emotions, create unity, peace of mind, success in partnership & marriage,
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9 Planets,8 Directions Zone 12 Face Shivaligam Temple

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 Saraswati Yantra in Color ,Baglamukhi Yantra in Color ,Laxmi Ganesh,Kaal Sarp Yantra
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This unique gem stone helps one attain a high plateau of spiritual ecstasy, mental equilibrium,complete harmony between mind, body & soul
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